Ron Roenicke discusses Instant Replay

RRSMB: Ron, its an honor. Our first question is about instan


RRSMB: But we were just curious if you could discuss your replay strategy. For example the other night in the 6th inni


RRSMB: Ok, that’s fair, but I guess we were just curious, are you looking at any Win Probabilities when you challenge, or when would you like to take a risk and when do you plan on playing conservative?


RRSMB: Ok, that was a dumb question, we know you don’t want to give away too much of your strategy. Stupid questions. Do you think you’ll be able this new tool at all?


RRSMB: Ok Ron, we’ve tried to be nice, what CAN you tell us about your instant replay strategy?



RRSMB: Thanks Ron.



Counterpoint: Will Smith is Awesome

Paul brought up some great points on the Aoki/Smith trade earlier today. However he was wrong. Will Smith is awesome and will make the Brewer season much more enjoyable.

For example:

The joy of being able to do the Fresh Prince handshake anytime he strikes a guy out has me ready for baseball season to start now:

Ron is Uncle Phil, Uncle Phil is Ron

“Summertime” gets to be the 2014 jam at Miller Park and is the greatest pitcher entrance music ever. High leverage situation where a lefty must be disposed of? DRUMS PLEASE….

If by some unfortunate circumstance he gets pinched for PEDs, he can pull a Sosa and pretend not to know English

This won’t be that fun for Brewer fans, but when Smith struggles on the road the opposing team can drop this little jam:

He learned the game from one of the all time greats


He’ll be the first opposing player to get a standing ovation in Philly

will smith

If Smith is ever in a tough situation and nothing is working for him, UNCLE PHIL will come to the rescue

Talking Ron Roenicke

The Great Tom Haudricourt had some quotes from RRR yesterday. These are a couple of the quotes:

“We get rid of that bad May that we had and our season wasn’t so bad,”

This is my one of favorite JS Comment running jokes, where people say stuff like “If you take out the Super Bowl, the Packers are have not been awesome.” Its true, but…you can’t take out the good to prove something is bad.

Let’s humor Ron though, let’s take out the month where his team completely fell apart. Taking the month out, they won in 50.4% of their games. We’ll replace May with that percentage, instead of the next worst month (June). Doing that, they have the 8th best record in the NL. Even replacing the worst month means the Brewers are mediocre.

I know, managers say stuff just to say stuff, but say better stuff.

And then, well we had this:

I wanted to get Yuni (Betancourt) out there (on defense) when I thought we needed to win the games.

I wanted to get Yuni (Betancourt) out there (on defense) when I thought we needed to win the games.

I wanted to get Yuni (Betancourt) out there (on defense) when I thought we needed to win the games.

I wanted to get Yuni (Betancourt) out there (on defense) when I thought we needed to win the games.

Some Unanswered Questions from Ryan Braun

The sentiments from  Braun last week were a nice first step, but it wasn’t enough. There are hard questions he needs to answer in person, and here are some of them:

  • What’s Aaron Rodgers like? He seems awesome. I love the Packers
  • Does Aaron Rodgers ever talk about Favre?
  • Did you watch the Packer game on Friday? I was kind of mad at them for taking Rodgers out early. And I hate Jermichael Finley, do you hate him?
  • Remember that time you hit a HR to beat the Cubs and get the Brewers into the playoffs? That was awesome.
  • What was Ken Macha like?
  • Do you know why Buster Olney is so pro-ownership? He really seems kinda crazy.
  • What’s Yuni like?
  • Remember that time you grew your hair out? Do you think that was a good idea?
  • Brian Shouse always seemed kinda cool. What’s your favorite Brian Shouse story?
  • Packers
  • Are you on #teamrickie?
  • Talk about Anthony Witrado.
  • Do you think Jeff Passan is a cockroach?
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Do you think people realize Dino Laurenzi is still employed by MLB?
  • How big is your TV? Mine is 46″ which is pretty big but I bet now I could get a bigger one for not that much money. Isn’t it crazy how cheap TVs have gotten in the last 5 years?
  • I bet you fly a lot since you’re on the Brewers, don’t you hate airports? I really hate them.
  • Why:    braun
  • Do you think the Packers should cut John Kuhn?
  • Remember when you led the Brewers to a bunch of wins in 2011? That was awesome.

The Brewers desperately want to move forward as best they can. Braun has taken step 1, now its time for Step 2.

Who’s Bunting?

Most of the sacrifice bunts in 2011 and 2012 under RRR came from the CF position. Carlos Gomez used to sac bunt a lot, and he was platooned with Nyjer Morgan, who also was a sac bunt aficionado. The Gomez/Morgan pair combined for 37 sac bunts in 2011 and 2012.

Since Gomez got good at the plate he’s stopped sac bunting and he (was, sigh…) playing everyday so the bunt happy platoon partner was gone. As a result the Brewers as a whole have seen their bunting stats go down. So with RRSMB not having a post in almost two weeks and the Brewers not being all that interesting, let’s bring JUDGEMENT to RRR for who he is deploying to bunt this year.

(Before we start, I recognize this is really dumb and simplistic. Bunting is usually all about context and these numbers are context free, you can usually make a case for anyone bunting if the situation was right. Like I said, dog days of August).

Let’s first start with players with zero bunts this year: Lucroy, Francisco, Weeks, Segura, Aramis, Braun, Gomez. A few of these guys are probably incapable of putting down a bunt, but its very nice to see guys who used to bunt like Segura, Gomez and Lucroy aren’t bunting anymore. JUDGEMENT: fantastic

One other zero bunt guy not mentioned: Yuniesky Betancourt. Yuni is terrible, we know this so its not worth rehashing too much. He’s a double play machine and first pitch pop-up rally killer. So it makes sense that he’d lay one down occasionally, but he hasn’t bunted in over 900 (gross) PAs with the Brewers. There’s probably an argument he can’t bunt, but he had put down 15 sac bunts the two years with KC before coming to the Brewers so it seems odd they haven’t gotten him to put one down at least once in 900 (ugh) PAs. JUDGEMENT: try something guys?

Logan Schafer: 9 bunts. That seems fairly high, but Schafer has a sub .600 OPS and decent enough speed that he’ll be a threat to beat it out. JUDGEMENT: cool beans

Norichika Aoki: 7 bunts. At first glance this seems high, but then you look closer and what the hell happened to Aoki this year? His OPS is below .700 and he’s been all sorts of terrible since May. If he’s not hitting and is still a decent threat to beat out a bunt the JUDGEMENT on this is that its no big deal and its sad that its not a big deal because if your RF bunts and it doesn’t bother you – you probably should hope for a new RF.

Bianchi, Maldonado, Gindl, Scooter: 5 total bunts. JUDGEMENT: whatever.

And that’ll do it for Brewers that have bunted this year.

No grand conclusion other than its hard to get too mad at how RRR has been bunting this year. Now if we can just talk about that “steal” of home the other night….

Good Riddance K-Rod

Brewers Pitcher Francisco ‘K-Rod’ Rodriguez Charged With Domestic Abuse

She told deputies she and Rodriguez had been arguing before going to bed, and he became upset and struck her on the head.

She said her nose began to bleed after getting hit due to a history of physical abuse. The woman told police she grabbed a sweatshirt and tried to stop the bleeding, but then Rodriguez grabbed her by the hair and threw her.

Once on the floor, she said Rodriguez then began kicking her and injured her left upper shoulder blade, bruised her left upper thigh and injured her left hand near her wrist.

After the beating, she said Rodriguez dragged her to his car. She told him to take her to the hospital, but Rodriguez screamed at her to change her bloody clothes and refused to take her anywhere until she did.  She told Rodriguez she was in a great amount of pain and unable to lift her arm very high, so he cut the sleeve of her shirt so she could remove it.

After putting on a clean shirt, according to the complaint, Rodriguez began to drive the victim around, but she said it appeared they were just driving around in circles in the subdivision.  They began to argue again in the truck and the victim said Rodriguez struck her in the chin, then drove around some more before returning to the home.

When they got back, the victim said she wanted to call the police for help, but Rodriguez then grabbed all the of the phones and began to hide them, so she had to go to the second floor of the residence to find a telephone to use. Police interviewed the maid about the incident and she said she took a pill to sleep and didn’t see the incident, but she has worked for Rodriguez for six years and this is a normal and known behavior for him.


According to the complaint, Rodriguez was asked how he pushed the woman away and he told deputies “when she was coming at me, I grabbed her by the hair and then was pushing her aside,” then made motions as how he did it.  Rodriguez was asked how the bloody clothes had gotten on the floor and he said the woman asked him to cut it off because she was unable to take it off because her hand hurt too badly.

Deputies searched the house and found a bloody sweatshirt and a pullover-type shirt with blood on it at the entrance of a walk-in closet. Across from the closet was a bloody bath towel and blood on the right side of the bed.

Deputies talked with the woman again on Sept. 20, two days after the call, and she had a brace on her wrist, but now denied having any other injuries. She allowed a female deputy to inspect her back, but refused to let the deputy see her thigh.

The woman then told the deputy the entire altercation was her fault because she started the argument and pushed Rodriguez first. She said she fell down on her own, which re-aggravated a pre-existing wrist injury.  She then denied Rodriguez had touched or harmed her in any way.

According to the report, the woman said she took full responsibility for “disrespecting” Rodriguez, and said she only called 911 to try and calm things down and then gave a vague answer when asked about Rodriguez hiding the phones.  from the closet, the woman said she was simply in that room with her baby, but when deputies had arrived at the home, the baby was in a different room.

The victim told deputies her relationship with Rodriguez is over and she wants to go back to her home country. She said she is dependent on Rodriguez for money because she has no friends or family in the country, regretted calling 911 and didn’t want to pursue the matter further

9 Annoying Braun Things From Yesterday

1. The Laurenzi victim thing. Braun took the comments too far, but he didn’t ruin his life:

Laurenzi Sr. says Braun’s comments have had no permanent effect on the
family, and his son is still doing testing work for the Chicago Cubs
organization link

Braun was definitely too strong in his words against Laurenzi and should probably try to make things right with Laurenzi if that what Laurenzi wants (I kind of doubt it, but who knows). Maybe today Laurenzi comes out and speaks about what has happened to him, but most were skeptical of tampering to begin with and were instead criticizing him for not following MLB protocol, which was of course, fair. Laurenzi was not fired by MLB and by all indications seems to be doing fine.

The Lance Armstrong comparisons can stop any day now as well. Armstrong got his teammates fired, made life miserable for his assistant, got other staff members fired, told Betsy Andreu that he hoped someone broke a baseball bat over her head and had a reign on terror that lasted for a decade-plus. Braun came out too strong against the guy who didn’t follow the CBA when handling his urine sample.

2. Aaron Rodgers – I know Packers rule over all else, but who freaking cares.

3. Baseball writers trying to top each other in who is more outraged

4. The winner of said outrage contest:


5.  Brewer fans who say they are betrayed or lied to. Its sports, get over it.

6. The National media guys who act like Brewer fans are complete morons for “defending” Braun – aka having issues with how MLB has approached this or were waiting until you know, the process played out.

7. People who don’t understand how baseball contracts work and want Braun cut

8. The “what do I tell my kid” people. You tell your kid Braun did something he shouldn’t have and got suspended. If it’s a lot more complicated than this, you have bigger issues.

9. This Justin Hull tweet, which wins for being the most trolling and over the top:


Haudricourt Chat Winners and Losers

No Derek this week so no energy to do an intro. Here we go:


Q: Edd, Cushing, WI – Due to injuries the Brewers have had a number of spot starters, Fiers, Hand, Gorzelanny, Figaro and Burgos come to mind. Of those pitchers do any of the five have the 3 quality pitches needed to start on a consistant basis or are they better suited to long relief and spot starters?



Q: Nick, Readstown, Wi – Tom, The Brewers are in last place and I noted the farm system (Nashville and Huntsville) are left wanting. This being the case it would appear that Milwaukee will not field a contender for 3, 4, or 5 years at best. Give me a reason to the contrary.

Wow, Nick sure is demanding. 


Q: Big Dave, Waterloo – Everyone knows the Brewers are going nowhere unless they get the rotation fixed. With the new rules signing a free agent in the off season would be a disaster as they would lose what looks to be a top 5 pick. The talk is they want to hold on to core players Gomez, Aoki, Lucroy, etc. I truly believe Gomez is having a career year and it’s an anomoly. Trade him while you can get max value. Your thoughts? How do they fix the rotation if they can’t sign free agents and won’t trade anything of value?

I mostly just feel bad for Big Dave here. We all wish the Brewers weren’t in this situation.


Q: Rabbi Lipschitz, Pepperville/ND – If Jonathan Lucroy was an animal, what animal would he be?



Q: Kyle – Tom, if Yuni B were secretly replaced with a cardboard cutout of himself for plate appearances do you think his OBP would improve?

A: Tom Haudricourt – No but at its current level it couldn’t go down by much

Both the question and the answer are winners.


Q: Bill Lamensdorf, Franklin, WI – If Ryan Braun is given a suspension from MLB due to the Biogenesis investigation, do the Brewers still have to pay him his salary while he is suspended??? 

Q: Derek, Flora, ILL – How are the draft picks doing in the minors? Anyone standing out?


Q: jerry, necedah – Hi Tom, Where do you think Mark A. has been lately? How long will he put up w/an organization that has always been a loser? We need a Sat. nght massacure. Top to bottom house cleaning.

I hate myself for having read this chat


Q: Edd, Cushing, WI – I heard Buster Olney on a recent Baseball Tonight talk about the Braun case. He said he has been in several club houses and has had players come up to him and ask when is baseball going to resolve this case. He went on to say that the players want Braun suspended, that they are angry with him over the things he said about the collector and want the cheaters out of baseball. I don’t believe a lot of what ESPN says, but I’m wondering if you think that statement is accurate and if you have heard similar statements?

Why is this guy asking Tom a question about Buster Olney?


Tom, Milwaukee – Tom, So let me see if I got this straight….we haven’t developed a home grown pitching prospect since Yovanni Gallardo so the talk is lets trade him for prospects that we hope down the line could be major league ballplayers and maybe as good as Yo!!?? I hope mgmt doesn’t think all trades will end up with quality MLB players like Segura…Matt LaPorta comes to mind as a can’t miss prospect.

Tom, that’s pretty much how it works. You trade good players you’re going to lose in the short term in order to hopefully get good players back who will be there for the long term.

Last Night

K Gregg relieved C Villanueva.
J Francisco homered to right
R Weeks doubled to deep right.
L Schafer sacrificed to third, R Weeks to third.
Y Betancourt grounded into fielder’s choice to third, R Weeks out at home.
S Gennett hit for J Axford.
S Gennett flied out to right.