Counterpoint: Will Smith is Awesome

Paul brought up some great points on the Aoki/Smith trade earlier today. However he was wrong. Will Smith is awesome and will make the Brewer season much more enjoyable.

For example:

The joy of being able to do the Fresh Prince handshake anytime he strikes a guy out has me ready for baseball season to start now:

Ron is Uncle Phil, Uncle Phil is Ron

“Summertime” gets to be the 2014 jam at Miller Park and is the greatest pitcher entrance music ever. High leverage situation where a lefty must be disposed of? DRUMS PLEASE….

If by some unfortunate circumstance he gets pinched for PEDs, he can pull a Sosa and pretend not to know English

This won’t be that fun for Brewer fans, but when Smith struggles on the road the opposing team can drop this little jam:

He learned the game from one of the all time greats


He’ll be the first opposing player to get a standing ovation in Philly

will smith

If Smith is ever in a tough situation and nothing is working for him, UNCLE PHIL will come to the rescue

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