Some Unanswered Questions from Ryan Braun

The sentiments from  Braun last week were a nice first step, but it wasn’t enough. There are hard questions he needs to answer in person, and here are some of them:

  • What’s Aaron Rodgers like? He seems awesome. I love the Packers
  • Does Aaron Rodgers ever talk about Favre?
  • Did you watch the Packer game on Friday? I was kind of mad at them for taking Rodgers out early. And I hate Jermichael Finley, do you hate him?
  • Remember that time you hit a HR to beat the Cubs and get the Brewers into the playoffs? That was awesome.
  • What was Ken Macha like?
  • Do you know why Buster Olney is so pro-ownership? He really seems kinda crazy.
  • What’s Yuni like?
  • Remember that time you grew your hair out? Do you think that was a good idea?
  • Brian Shouse always seemed kinda cool. What’s your favorite Brian Shouse story?
  • Packers
  • Are you on #teamrickie?
  • Talk about Anthony Witrado.
  • Do you think Jeff Passan is a cockroach?
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Do you think people realize Dino Laurenzi is still employed by MLB?
  • How big is your TV? Mine is 46″ which is pretty big but I bet now I could get a bigger one for not that much money. Isn’t it crazy how cheap TVs have gotten in the last 5 years?
  • I bet you fly a lot since you’re on the Brewers, don’t you hate airports? I really hate them.
  • Why:    braun
  • Do you think the Packers should cut John Kuhn?
  • Remember when you led the Brewers to a bunch of wins in 2011? That was awesome.

The Brewers desperately want to move forward as best they can. Braun has taken step 1, now its time for Step 2.

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