Who’s Bunting?

Most of the sacrifice bunts in 2011 and 2012 under RRR came from the CF position. Carlos Gomez used to sac bunt a lot, and he was platooned with Nyjer Morgan, who also was a sac bunt aficionado. The Gomez/Morgan pair combined for 37 sac bunts in 2011 and 2012.

Since Gomez got good at the plate he’s stopped sac bunting and he (was, sigh…) playing everyday so the bunt happy platoon partner was gone. As a result the Brewers as a whole have seen their bunting stats go down. So with RRSMB not having a post in almost two weeks and the Brewers not being all that interesting, let’s bring JUDGEMENT to RRR for who he is deploying to bunt this year.

(Before we start, I recognize this is really dumb and simplistic. Bunting is usually all about context and these numbers are context free, you can usually make a case for anyone bunting if the situation was right. Like I said, dog days of August).

Let’s first start with players with zero bunts this year: Lucroy, Francisco, Weeks, Segura, Aramis, Braun, Gomez. A few of these guys are probably incapable of putting down a bunt, but its very nice to see guys who used to bunt like Segura, Gomez and Lucroy aren’t bunting anymore. JUDGEMENT: fantastic

One other zero bunt guy not mentioned: Yuniesky Betancourt. Yuni is terrible, we know this so its not worth rehashing too much. He’s a double play machine and first pitch pop-up rally killer. So it makes sense that he’d lay one down occasionally, but he hasn’t bunted in over 900 (gross) PAs with the Brewers. There’s probably an argument he can’t bunt, but he had put down 15 sac bunts the two years with KC before coming to the Brewers so it seems odd they haven’t gotten him to put one down at least once in 900 (ugh) PAs. JUDGEMENT: try something guys?

Logan Schafer: 9 bunts. That seems fairly high, but Schafer has a sub .600 OPS and decent enough speed that he’ll be a threat to beat it out. JUDGEMENT: cool beans

Norichika Aoki: 7 bunts. At first glance this seems high, but then you look closer and what the hell happened to Aoki this year? His OPS is below .700 and he’s been all sorts of terrible since May. If he’s not hitting and is still a decent threat to beat out a bunt the JUDGEMENT on this is that its no big deal and its sad that its not a big deal because if your RF bunts and it doesn’t bother you – you probably should hope for a new RF.

Bianchi, Maldonado, Gindl, Scooter: 5 total bunts. JUDGEMENT: whatever.

And that’ll do it for Brewers that have bunted this year.

No grand conclusion other than its hard to get too mad at how RRR has been bunting this year. Now if we can just talk about that “steal” of home the other night….

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