Fun With The Play Index

The All-Star Break is boring, so here’s a stat dump from the Baseball Reference Play Index

Remember when Corey Hart used to be fast? He has the 15th and 16th most stolen bases in a single season for the Brewers with 23 in both 2007 and 2008.

Pods has the franchise record with 70 in 2004. After that it goes Molitor (45), Molitor (41), Molitor (41), Molitor (41).  Those seasons span from 1982 to 1988.

Most plate appearances by a Brewer in a single season? Rickie Weeks with 754 in 2010.  He made the most of that too, hitting .269/.366/.464.

Most HBP in a single season? You know it’s Rickie, in that same year. He led the league in both PAs and HBP.

Rickie does NOT lead the Brewers in most ABs in a single season. That honor hoes to Mr. Molitor with 666 in 1982. Rickie only had 651 official ABs in 2010.

Molitor has the single season record for triples with a league leading 13 in 1991. That probably pisses off Robin Yount, who owns the next 6 spots on the list. Carlos Gomez is lurking with 9 this year. Jeromy Burnitz had 8 triples in 1997. Triples are weird.

RBIs are so cool that Richie Sexson and Jeromy Burnitz are 3-4-5 on the Brewer all-time list, Sexson in 2001 with 125 (and who will ever forget that 2001 team), Burnitz with 125 in 1998, and Sexson again with 124 in 2003.

A Brewer has only had 100 RBI in a season 37 times.

Only 17 Brewers have had 100 RBI seasons.

Greg Vaughn never did it (98), which is amazing.

Casey McGehee did though.

Geoff Jenkins? Nope.  (95)

Rob Deer? Nope. (86)

Sixto Lezcano? Yes! (101 in 1979).

You know who has the franchise record for doubles. We love you Lyle.

But we shouldn’t punish guys for turning doubles into triples. The franchise record for 2B+3B belongs to Yount, who is first and second with 59 in 1980 and 58 in 1982.  Lyle is 3rd with Ram in 4th. Jeff Cirillo cracks the top 10 at #7 with 51 in 1996. Yay Jeff.

We all love sac bunts and no one was more money at getting one down than Don Money, who had 14 in 1978 and 10 in 1974. Paul Molitor is tied for 2nd with 10 in 1982. Actually kinda shocking they made the World Series doing that.

Greg Vaugh had 7 in 1990, good for 7th, which makes me want to go back in time and start a zine called Tom Trebelhorn Stole My Baseball. Jesus.

Yount had 6 in 1980. Cecil Cooper had 6 in 1979. Gorman had 6 in 1978. So much pointless sacrifice…

Who hates walking? Bill Schroeder, that’s who. Rock walked only 8 times in 1984 over 226 PAs. He walked only 16 times in 1987 over 270 PAs. Sandwiched between those two seasons we have Dick Davis who walked 16 times in 353 PAs in 1979.  But you all know who the true all-time Brewer walk-a-phobe is. That’s right. Yuniesky Betancourt walked just 16 times in 584 PAs in 2011. No one else in the bottom ten has even 475 PAs.

And finally, the 13th best OPS in team history belongs to Aussie catcher David Nilsson who hit .309/.400/.554 with 21 HRs in 1999. Who doesn’t miss the Lloyd-Nilsson connection? 

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