Yuni Betancourt – Chasing History

I’m a big Tecmo Super Bowl fan. It’s a great game. The one bad thing about it is that if you play too much, you get bored. Whenever I play with the Raiders and am receiving a kickoff, I’ll go out at my own 1 yard line. Sometimes I will call a pass play and have the QB run back as far as possible (they always sack you before you can get too far back, bad strategy if you ask me), or let the other team score so I can get the ball back. I do this to maximize the yards Bo Jackson can get. It’s pretty fun to get 700 yards rushing in a game.

So as a fan of stats, it was heartening to know Runnin’ Ron feels the same way and will play certain players in order to achieve certain statistical benchmarks – mainly round numbers.

While some people on Twitter got frustrated, I thought it was good because:

  1. Round numbers are awesome
  2. It explains other decisions

One of the “other decisions” that is most confusing is the constant usage of Yuniesky Betancourt.  Since May 1st he is hitting .164/.196/.237.  At least he’s a bench bat not playing all that much playing every day

So with something else at work here due to RRR’s love of round numbers, let’s look at some possible statistical reasons why Yuni is playing:

  • As Paul has pointed out, the single season lowest WAR record is in play
  • He is sitting at 29 triples
  • He has stolen 30 bases and been caught 30 times, they may be waiting for him to get above 50%
  • He has 3,895 ABs, close to joining the 4,000 club
  • He is 1 Intentional Walk away from hitting double digits
  • 96 strikeouts away from 500
  • 48 RBI away from 500
  • 42 put outs away from 1,500

So instead of getting mad that Yuniesky is somehow playing everyday, celebrate his march towards greatness as he hits these historical milestones.


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