What’s wrong with this stupid quote?

“With Frankie getting the 300, it makes it easier for me — now we just pitch the guys who I think are pitching the best” – RRR

Let’s break it down:

  1. Ron is admitting that he would have/did stick with K-Rod for non-performance based reasons.
  2. Ron is admitting that he cares about a stupid statistic and will manage accordingly.
  3. Ron is admitting that he cares about a big round number in front of that stupid statistic and will manage accordingly.
  4. Ron is admitting THAT HE KNOWS BETTER, and now that big round milestone number has been achieved he can play his best players in the proper situation again.
  5. You may be doing this, but DON’T SAY IT. He was pitching well, that’s enough.  It can be a happy accident that he got to 300.

Twitter defenses and why they are wrong:

  1. But they’re losing anyway! Well la-di freaking da. Let’s have everyone swing as hard as they can every AB then, try and set all HR records. NO SINGLES ALLOWED.
  2. But Ken Macha did the same thing with Trevor Hoffman! That team finished 77-85, and Hoffman was a big contributor to that. It was dumb then, it’s dumb now.
  3. But K-Rod WAS the best guy for the job! Maybe he was, but his stated process was idiotic.

Dealer: Player showing 19…

RRR: Hit me.

Dealer: Are you sure? Dealer shows a 5 and…

RRR: You heard me. I’ve successfully hit 34 times in a row.

Dealer: Very well sir.

RRR: Damn right.

Dealer: A two, player has 21.

RRR: See, 35 times! Now I can go back to hitting at the appropriate moments!

7 thoughts on “What’s wrong with this stupid quote?

  1. There is another way to read this entirely: If the front office had been pressuring RRR to get him to 300 for whatever reason and he was a little annoyed at having to do that instead of just pitching who he wanted and when, this quote would make complete sense.

    • Why would the front office want him to get a milestone?

      I might be able to buy it with Hoffman – he was a good guy, and I know a few people who even went to the game to see his 600th. Could argue PR move. (Though I still think Macha just liked the guy)

      Any fan who knows anything about K-Rod is embarrassed he’s even on the team.

      300 saves isn’t even a thing. Its just a round number. He tied Jason Isringhausen over the weekend. Neat.

      • It was being talked about on the broadcast. It was something mildly positive to point to, to take the focus for a bit off the crappy team. I don’t think it’s that crazy to think that this was potentially going on.

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