Anthony Witrado Power Ranking

The Journal Sentinel has been pretty good the past couple years. Haudricourt is the best in the biz at what he does. Todd Rosiak is a pro’s pro who does a fine job. Michael Hunt has some odd opinions on the minor league system, but for the most part is OK. Really it’s been quite enjoyable since one Anthony Witrado was fired left for the Sporting News.

So yesterday his take on Ryan Braun was met with a big eye roll by most Brewer fans on Twitter. One of the complaints of Witrado when he was covering the Brewers was his immaturity both in dealing with readers and athletes and well…it’s still kinda there:

He was generous with his time when asked for interviews ­ mainly to national media outlets with greater reach than local ­ and he was never caught up in anything illegal or unsavory.

The whole thing is loaded with weird stuff and I assume he was looking for a reaction by writing an article comparing Braun to A-Rod, but the quote above where he accuses Braun of being involved with something against the law(?) is so odd, and when he goes further to paint Braun in a poor light for talking to the wrong reporter, that just takes the cake.

ANYWAYS, read if you want but I don’t want to spend too much time on it. The positive aspect of Witrado being back in our Twitter timelines is the memories it brought back.

We here at RRSMB searched through our collective email accounts and past blogs to put together a power ranking of most ridiculous things Witrado had written or done as Milwaukee Brewers beat writer.

9. His lack of understanding of how baseball works: In this lineup, Hardy would be hitting in front of Mike Cameron, a guy with pop but prone to strikeout. Would that mean teams would be careful when facing Hardy’s hot bat knowing they have more of a chance at a K with Cameron? If so, this could be an undesireable position for Hardy, who absolutely hated hitting in front of the pitcher last season, although these are very different situations, obviously

I had this passage in an email rant to some friends. Today it makes me smile.

8. His attacking the fans: Q: Adam of Milwaukee – Hey Anthony, there are so many great blogs about the Brewers that in my mind serve as mainly a way for people to get excited about this Brewers season. I don’t see anything wrong with that! Do you!

A: Anthony Witrado – Not so much, but those people are also not in the clubhouse gathering inside info like Tom and I. Blogs are all good as long as you know which ones are informed and which ones are just fans. I also hope people don’t mistake the people who write the fan blogs for actual journalists. But to better answer you, no, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

This is from a mailbag back in the day. its weird people didn’t like him, huh?

7. His attacking the fans: Some fans do know what they are talking about, no doubt about it. But there are others who have on blinders and just want to criticize because their local writer might not be a cheerleader

I’ll say again, weird fans didn’t like him, huh?

6. His lack of understand of how baseball works: Counsell is valuable. He is the kind of guy who makes sure you don’t lose anything when someone else sits.

5. I miss Quevedo at the Buffet

4. His crazy Manny Ramirez thing: My Take on Ramirez

3. His lack of understanding on how the MVP vote works:

Fielder might lose some points because the Brewers aren’t a big-market club, not on national TV a lot and fell out of the race before August. However, he gains points because of the Home Run Derby and being on the cover of a video game – that may sound lame, but having his face out there makes a voter in, say, Phoenix, remember him

2. His first hand account of an incident he wasn’t actually at

1. His time in the spotlight with ESPN

Rubie better explained it at Quevedo at the Buffet

These are just what I was able to find in a few minutes of going through my email, there are many more. What I had forgotten was the level of hatred Witrado got from Brewer fans in the chats and comments; it really was something else.

With his recent #hotsportstake on Braun, you’ll forgive Brewer fans if someone who still holds a grudge about what reporter Braun spoke to in 2009 is met with an eye roll when he writes about the same guy in 2013.

3 thoughts on “Anthony Witrado Power Ranking

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  2. I don’t think that means what you think it means. Caught up means being involved in something. The quote says “he was never caught up in.” Meaning he was not involved in anything illegal. I hate Witrado as much as the next guy, he is a big douche, but in this case I think you are wrong.

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