Rosiak Chat Winners and Losers

Before we get into this weeks’ winners and losers, a quick “get well soon” to Haudricourt from the RRSMB crew. He is a role model to us all. JS and Twitter won’t be the same while he’s out.

Here are your winners and losers from this week:

WINNER: Q: Derek, Superior, WI – Are relief pitchers allowed to throw more than one inning? It sure would be nice if they were. Then maybe some guys would be rested instead of using everyone all the time.

Derek, we love you.

LOSER: Q: craig, brookfield – is it accurate to characterize what you and haudricourt do with the brewers as journalism? it seems like you guys hardly do more than serve as a mouthpiece for the organization.. relaying the desired narrative. considering journal communications and the brewers are long standing business partners, is it unrealistic for fans to think the beat writers will do anything beyond soft peddle the coverage?

Oh jeez Craig, its sports, what exactly do you want them to do? And Haudricourt is awesome, how dare you.

WINNER: Q: Brad, Jackson, WI – Todd thank you for these chats, it’s great to have this type of forum available. With Axford’s continued failures, is sending him to AAA an option. And if they did would bringing up Tyler Thornburg be an option?

A question that needs to be asked.

LOSER: Q: Tom, Milwaukee – Todd, Bigger disappointment for the Brewers, Jason Arnett or Mark Rodgers? Both must frustrate the heck out of mgtm!!

I hope this is Haudricourt trolling Rosiak from his hospital bed, because neither of these players are real.

WINNER Q: Ben, Farmington Hills, MI – It is encouraging that we finally have some pitching depth in the minor league system. My question is about impact bats. Are there any prospects that project to be everyday players by the end of 2014?

This is an OK question. I’ll put this here because there are no other winners from today’s chat. The rest are all losing questions.

LOSER Q: Mateo – Good Morning Todd, It’s been tough to watch the Brewers collectively the first six weeks of the season. But it has been fun watching Carlos Gomez and Jean Segura. I know Gomez worked out with Manny Ramirez in the offseason, and Segura follows Braun’s workout regimen. Do you see anything that fans don’t in terms of preparation that has contributed to their offensive success thus far? If both keep it up, they’ll be starting in the All-Star game in July.

Even though Rosiak missed it, what a lame steroid troll attempt

LOSER: Q: Bill, DePere – As crazy as it sounds would the Brewers consider trading Gallardo? He cannot beat two division rivals (Cards & Reds) and his velocity has dropped the last three years. Personally I do not believe he has the mental toughness to be a no. 1 starter.

Mental toughness! In 2011 Gallardo Went 8 innings of 1 hit ball in Game 1 of the NLDS, then followed it up by going 6 innings of 1 run ball in Game 5 to lead the Brewers to one of their best wins in franchise history. Is it his velocity drop or his mental toughness? Pick a lane Bill!

That will conclude this week. Get well soon Tom.

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