JS Chat Winners and Losers Part III

Haudricourt is back!  And he took like 500 questions. Good rebound from Rosiak and his 16 question performance last week.

Away we go….


Q: Joan Brayer, Janesville, Wisconsin – Dear Mr. Haudricourt, My question to you sir …………….How do I purchase two autograph copies of your book? I saw your interview on FSN and your book sounds awesome!! I would like to compare some of the things in your top 100 list as to what I have done thus far with the Brewers! Just a few…….last Thursday night for the 5th year in a row I obtained Bob Uueker’s autograph. This time it was on his nestling doll! I have had his book signed, a ball, a Brewer tee shirt with his name and number on it and stories and pictures to prove. This is done in a very quiet manner as I try to obtain items for breast cancer, raffles, silent auctions etc. I have the items myself and obtain all my autographs. Done with preparation, timing, luck and with God’s help! One of your books will go towards that purpose! Plus the other I am most anxious to read. That night I tried to get Y. Molina’s autograph on a small pink bat to no avail. We watched his brother Jose come up in the minors in Rockford Illinois! I got to see Johnny Damon at Miller Park when Brewers played Tampa. We also watched him come up in Rockford. At that game he autographed his book and a Rockford program that had his cover on the year after he was there. In that program is a picture of my husband, our daughter Sarah and myself with a sign I made. Caught his eye coming off batting practice! Have you ever saved a person’s life or administered first aid at a ball park? Being a RN, I ‘ve done it too many times!!! Have you sat at the very top of Miller Park with a sign that reads “Down in front?” I know you have sat in Brewers dugout………..I have too with my Dad, Husband and sister……On a Brewer caravan through Beloit I won the greatest door prize!!! Ben Sheets, “the Rock” and Gorman Thomas was the one who drew out my name!!! To sit in the dugout was part of the package! I would give anything for a baseball(s) that my dad signed that day to some little boys. Their mom was with them……we come out of the dugout…they see my dad with white hair and cane and think he is some baseball player. The mom asked if he played and he replied during WWll. He never played baseball but he is very much responsible for the love I have of the game!!! Dad put Johnny Acco for an autograph! That in itself is a long story! Have you won a 50/50 or picture up on Jumbotron for winning last year US Cellular picture with cut out with John Axford and one of my infamous signs? I won the 50/50 in the early part of the season last year and on the Jumbotron in late September of last year! Have you had a fan from opposing team want to buy your Brewer baseball cap because the way you had it made up? Have you won bets or dares going to a ball game at Miller Park and pull it off? Someone dared me to go to Miller game wearing a Boston baseball cap and a New York Yankee jersey! I did and the Alzheimer’s organization received the payout. Have you been in charge of a family tail gate at Miller Park? You see I love baseball!!!!! I am 62, night before birthday this year 4/3 was at my first game of season! Earlier stated I am a RN and I am also a 3 1/2 years breast cancer survivor. During my cancer surgeries and appointments I would take a baseball bat and wear a jersey. The bat was sign by the most important people I have ever obtained autographs from during my treatment! I have 4 large bats and two small ones with the goal of taking them to Cooperstown as I have never been there and definitely on my “Bucket List!” I love baseball movies with one of my favorites “A league of Their Own!” I plan on going to the 70th anniversary of the AAGPBL as I volunteered to do whatever they needed help with and my services as a RN. Miller Park use to have gals come but I don’t believe it has been years. Plus many of these gals are no longer with us………..Pepper Paire-Davis passed away this past February. I think this just might be the longest question you have been asked! Sorry about that………….I just love baseball and would like to know how to get your book. I cannot make your signing there tomorrow. I thank you! Play Ball! Joan Brayer 4502 Hearthstone Drive Janesville, Wisconsin 53546 (phone number redacted, but she actually posted it, and did you really read this whole thing? Kudos). 

This is an insanely long question. Joan seems like a nice woman and I wish her the best.


Q: Simba, Fond du Lac – All the attention getting paid to Weeks struggles, is anybody concerned with Lucroy and how he has looked this year. Might be time to get Maldonado a few more starts. He is by far the better defender and they would not be losing much with the bat right now. Do you agree?

Nice of Ted Simmons to pop in. Lucroy has looked terrible this year. I don’t know if I’d give Maldy the “by far” better defense (especially pitch framing), but Lurcoy has not been good and it seems like no one cares/notices.


Q: Greg Underwood – Do you see any player down on the farm that will help the big league club this year? I know injuries usually dictate moves, but I am thinking of a Ryan Braun type of player.

A Ryan Braun type player? Like a guy on a HOF type track? I think you would have heard of such player had he existed. To answer your question though – yes they do, his name is Scooter.


Q: Ben, Unity, WI – Is there a noticeable change in Gomez’s approach at the plate that is allowing him to hit so well this year?



Q: Carl “Lazagna” Swenson, De Pere, Wisconsin – Tom: in your years covering the Brewers, do you recall the Famous Racing Sausages ever joining in a bench clearing brawl, or a race suddenly turning into a fist fight that precipated a bench clearing brawl? Or have the races always been controversy-free? Thanks for clueing me in and doing such a good job.

WTF. If you’re going to troll Tom, be better please.


Q: – A few relief pitchers at Nashville have been throwing well, Hand, Wooten, Sanchez and even Olmsted has been throwing well. He has too many walks though. If the team needs help, which pitcher is most likely to be called up?

I like this question, something I’ve been wondering too.


Q: George, Appleton – I think part of Gomez and Yuni’s success to start the season is due to them batting in tandem specifically Gomez ahead of Yuni for most of their hot streak. Yuni hardly saw the field for the first 2 weeks of the season and Gomez struggled. Gomez and Yuni really took off starting with the last game of the Cardinals series and you will notice they have batted in tandem almost daily since then. Do you think these two batting in order has had a significant impact on their success thusfar?

You know the Yuni love has jumped the shark when people are crediting his presence in the batting order for Carlos Gomez’s hot start. Jeez.


Q: Steve, Cedarburg, WI – Who is in charge of the replay at Miller Park? There is never a replay of a close play–ever! Is this a Brewer or a MLB decision? Is this common practice at other stadiums? The Bucks and Packers replay all the action

I’ve also noticed this and wondered what MLB’s comment would be. Its frustrating to be at the game and not have close plays shown.


Q: wiscal – What do you think Billy Bean would do if he were the GM and R&R keeps Weeks batting 5th and Axford pitching in close games?

This response would actually probably be a good Badgernoonan post.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that “Bean” has played guys who are struggling before.


Q: Appleton Fox, Appleton/WI – Do you think Mark Antanassio is wearing blinders in thinking Doug Melvin and Ron Roenicke actually know what they are doing? Melvin had made so many costly personnel blunders it borders on being criminal. Roenicke is completely lost when it comes to making rational managerial moves. Are the Brewers stuck with these 2 losers because Antanassio can’t see their incompetence?

Step off the ledge Mr. Fox.

3 thoughts on “JS Chat Winners and Losers Part III

  1. Regarding the replays, MLB will not show up an umpire with a replay on the scoreboard. So that means no replays of any close plays. And you can’t show just the ones that they got right b/c that means if they don’t show it, they were wrong.

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