2013 Brewer Preview

(I didn’t think this article trolled hard enough, so here you go)

It’s not technicality, the Brewers are primed for a struggle in 2013.

Slugger Ryan Braun may have lawyer’d his way out of a steroid suspension the first time, but there may be not “technical” reason he gets off this time once MLB is able to successfully sue the Biogenesis Clinic for their records. Even if he avoids a season long suspension, you have to wonder if his numbers will suffer as increased scrutiny from drug testers and fans will be at all all time high.

Leadoff hitter Rickie Weeks has a .251 career average and strikeouts in almost a quarter of his ABs, and he’s batting leadoff!  He refuses to bunt, rarely steals bases and misses long periods of time with “ankle” and “wrist” injuries, you have to wonder how much longer his act will play in Milwaukee, I’m guessing it will wear thin in “Weeks” if not days.

Surprise Rookie Nori Aoki was one of the lone bright spots last year, but don’t fool yourself folks, he’s more Nishioka than Ichiro, his numbers may say sayonara in 2013.

Other lineup stalwarts like Corey Hart and Jonathan Lucroy both have missed time in the past few years with mysterious injuries. Hart somehow got hurt even before Spring Training started, and Lucroy missed a chunk of 2012 hurting his hand on, wait for it folks, a suitcase!  More like a headcase!

A couple weeks after CF Carlos Gomez signed a contract extension, he reported a back injury which he blamed on the mattress. Someone should tell him sleeping on a bed of money is a bad idea!

While the position is called Shortstop, the Brewers seem to be selling their fans short by signing Yuniesky Betancourt to man the position this year. His .266 average is respectable, but boy his defense sure isn’t! Having to bargain bin shop for the such an important position this close to the season is sure a red flag, and not what yuni, oops I mean, you need at this point.

The pitching might actually be worse. The “ace” of this staff is Yovani Gallardo, who didn’t have one complete game last year! It makes me yearn for the days of Jack Morris, where pitchers finished what they started.

Kyle Lohse signing was the lone bright spot of the off-season and gives them some hope, but the Brewers are really relying on a bunch of green rookies in the other spots. Perhaps GM Doug Melvin will regret letting veteran leaders like Jeff Suppan and Randy Wolf walk.

Manager Ron Roenicke and his aggressive style may be the biggest bright spot with this team. He worked a miracle in 2011, getting the team to 96 wins after only winning 77 the year before with Ken Macha. He’ll need another miracle this year, its hard to see the Brewer team winning more than 60 games this year, technicality or not.

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