Baseball Prospectus on Ron Roenicke

This is from the “Manager” part of the Brewers section of the 2013 BP annual:


“But seriously, something needs to be done about all those bunts. Excluding pitchers, the Brewers laid down 25 percent more sacrifices than any other National League team, and Roenicke’s boys led the league with eight squeezes – only Crazy Ozzie called for even half as many. It’s one thing to take the bat away from, say, Edwin Maysonet, but when you’re asking Corey Hart to lay one down, it’s time for an intervention. Outs are almost always more valuable than bases, especially in the context of Milwaukee’s power-packed lineup, and while it may seem like small beer, a few runs lost here and there may someday cost the Brewers a pennant.”

And that’s why we do what we do.  

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