The Braun Challenge

I’m writing this post for one reason, and one reason only.  Whenever someone claims that Braun is dirty or that he got off on “procedural grounds” it makes me mad, and explaining why is lengthy process. As I’ve covered in detail, Braun did NOT get off on a technicality and I even (sort of) predicted that he’d win his appeal in advance.

So now I can just link to my all-purpose Braun challenge:

If you believe Braun is dirty and got off on “a technicality” I challenged you to 1. Pee in a cup, 2. Let me take it home over the weekend and keep it in a Rubbermaid container in my non-temperature controlled basement, 3. have it tested for drugs the following Monday and 4. report the results to your employer.

If you’re willing to do that you have some credibility and some intellectual consistency. I’m guessing no one will ever consent to it. I know I wouldn’t. Letting tainted evidence decide your fate is a terrible idea.

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