My Votes

I figured I’d explain my votes in the 2012 Brewers Blogosphere Awards because why not.

Team MVP (not just limited to position players)

1. Ryan Braun – Easiest vote ever. Led the team in every important offensive category, his defense wasn’t half bad. This season was better than his MVP season, and any BBWAA member who doesn’t vote for him is a hypocrite and a coward. Probably.

2. Aramis Ramirez – Ramirez gave the Brewers everything they expected and more. Anyone who drives Bob Brenly nuts automatically gets a bump in MVP votes in my book. Alex Rodriguez is 36 years old and signed for the next 5 years for 114 million dollars. Aramis is 34 and entering year 2 of a 3 year $30,000,000 contract.  Ha!

3. Yovani Gallardo – Some pitchers have better FIP and xFIP numbers than Yo, but the fact is that without Yo throwing 204 innings the entire pitching staff falls apart. Moreso. The next highest innings total on the team is held by Randy Wolf (142.1). Yeesh.

Best Pitcher

1. Zack Greinke – His time here was short, but I think we can all agree that dude was hilarious. He also had the best stuff on the team even if the results were sometimes confounding.  Even though his ERA greatly exceed his FIP, it was still lower than everyone else’s, and in the aggregate Zack didn’t even cost that much as he returned some decent prospects.

2. Yovani Gallardo – Not an ace, never will be. Yo is still young but he probably is what he is. A good pitcher who will give you a quality 200 innings, who will nibble too much and frequently have short outings, and who will always tantalize with his stuff.

3. Marco Estrada – Marco has shown constant improvement, and he seems to trust his stuff the way we all wish Yo would. In my opinion he has the best approach on the team. Doesn’t walk many, strikes out a ton, trusts his stuff in the zone. You may get to him, but you’re going to earn it. With his SO/BB numbers I think his ceiling is a 3, which is probably more than anyone really expected to ever get out of Marco. The fact that he’s effective out of the pen just adds to his value even more, especially considering his dominance the first 2 times through the order.

Best Newcomer (doesn’t have to be a rookie, just someone who wasn’t a Brewer last year)

1. Aramis Ramirez – On the short list of best free agent signings of last summer.

2. Nori Aoki – On the short list of best free agent signing of the summer.

3. Jean Segura – The return for Greinke,  Looks like he can handle SS just fine and has some room to grow into a better hitter. Showed enough to make everyone optimistic. Hit ground balls on 65% of his balls in play. Should he develop any loft to his swing there’s huge potential there.

Unsung Hero

I feel like everyone was pretty “sung.”

1. Martin Maldonado – Where was that power?  I see jerks like Pete Kozma come up on the Cardinals and rake all the damn time. It’s nice to finally see a surprise on my team. A good defensive catcher who suddenly developed the ability to hit 400 foot bombs? Just sitting around waiting for our starting All-Star caliber catcher to get hurt? Sure, why not.

2. The Los Angeles Dodgers

Brewers v. LA – 6-1

Cards – 5-6

Reds – 2-4

Thanks guys!

3. Travis Ishikawa

It’s not his fault that his stupid manager makes him stupidly sac bunt all the time. Pinch hitting is hard and he was adequate in that role, but Ishikawa was actually underrated by everyone (myself included) because of the bunting and the PHing.  Check out his numbers playing 1st base up against Corey’s numbers playing 1st base:

Ish – .255/.336/.471, 4 HR, 10 2b in 120 PA

Corey – .275/.339/.492, 19 HR, 21 2b in 416 PA.

It’s kind of a shame that Ish doesn’t have a bigger platoon split, but he actually hit lefties better than righties this year.  He did a nice job in whatever he was asked to do, played good defense, hit better than I expected, played wherever he was asked, and even had a positive (.36) WPA and RE24 (3.20) for his troubles.

Good Guy (have fun with this one if you want)

1. Rickie Weeks – He’s not just a good guy, he’s the best guy.

2. Zack Greinke – Every Zack Greinke interview is like Joe Montana in this SNL skit.

3. Carlos Gomez.  Dude won a game by stealing home from 1st.

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