Ron Roenicke’s Greatest Hits, Part 1A

K-Rod pitches on 4 consecutive days because DERP!

In many ways Ron’s use of K-Rod is even worse than his use of Axford.  I’ll keep this shorter because really, it need not be longer. In March/April Francisco Rodriguez had a 5.56 ERA. He had a few rough outings as much of the bullpen did.  But after that he settled down and had a nice 3.09 ERA in May and a 3.27 in June.  At this point K-Rod goes to shit.

You see in July, K-Rod pitched on 4 consecutive days. Twice. In July. From July 1st – 4th he threw 69 pitched. Then on July 15th, 16, 17th, and 18th he threw 83 pitches, culminating in a 35 pitch appearance in his 4th consecutive day on July 18th. Yes, Ron Roenicke allowed Francisco Rodrigues to throw 35 pitches in his 4th consecutive appearance*.

His ERA from July 1st through July 17th is 2.08. On July 18th he did manage to record a save but he also allowed run and walked 3 which would start a bit of a trend.

K-Rod’s ERA on July 1-17 was 2.08. After 4-game stint #2, his ERA for the rest of the month was 24.55. He gave up 3 runs (and 3 walks) on July 23rd. He gave up 2 runs (only 1 walk) on July 25th. He gave up 2 runs (1 walk, 1 HR) on July 29th. He got rocked again on August 6th and gave up another run (on a HR on August 10th at which point he returned to being a halfway decent pitcher.

That 2nd stretch of 4 in a row coincides with the K-Rod closer experiment and the Brewers’ complete meltdown in Philadelphia (the 3 consecutive 6-7 losses).

Ron Roenicke Had K-Rod throw on 4 consecutive days at the beginning of July because he was the set-up man to Axford’s 4 consecutive days of closing. He then threw him on 4 consecutive days 2 weeks later because he was the closer after Axford broke down for some reason. He then proceeded to blow a series in which the Brewers had big leads in every game.

1. The Brewers finished 5 out of the Wild Card. It probably would have been 4 had they left their starters in for all of game 162. How many games did it cost them to have Ron abuse Axford and K-Rod like this?

2. K-Rod ERA by Month:

Mar/Apr – 5.56

May – 3.09

June – 3.27

July until the 17th – 2.08

K-Rod pitches 4 days in a row for the 2nd time in one month

July 17th-31st – 24.55

July Total – 8.76

August – 5.06

Sept/Oct – 1.02


*Just two weeks after throwing on 4 consecutive days for the first time this season.

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