Quick Note on Draft Position

There was some sentiment on Twitter last night that the Brewers run of success the last couple months actually hurt the team long term, as it cost them 10 or so draft spots.  While if given the choice to have the 9th or 19th pick you take the 9th, the Brewers winning baseball games now is more of a positive going forward than 10 spots on the draft board would be.

Its really simple:

The Brewers were successful the last couple months for a variety of reasons:  Rickie Weeks went HAM, Segura adjusted quite nicely to MLB pitching while looking capable in the field, Aoki continued to impress, Gomez continued his great season, Braun and Ramirez were…Braun and Ramirez.  Maybe most importantly, some of new (I won’t call them young) pitching performed capably.  Rogers, Estrada, Fiers and Peralta all showed flashes of being good MLB pitchers down the road.

For the Brewers to continue on their pace of bad baseball, lots of the above would not have happened.  If Segura or Weeks looked brutal in the field and still couldn’t hit, but it led to 10 better picks, would that be a positive for the Org?  If a bunch of the new pitchers looked like Braden Looper but got them a better draft pick, would that be a positive?  I think the answer to above is no.

In short, existing guys showing positive signs for 2013 was much more beneficial to the Org than a few spots higher in next year’s draft.

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