The Sac Bunt to set up the Sac Bunt

In this earlier post I recorded the Brewer sac bunts to set up the pitcher. I think everyone’s favorite occurred on May 30th v. the Dodgers:


May 30th v. Dodgers, Brewers win 6-3:

They won this game in spite of their own stupidity. Following a leadoff double by Weeks in the 6th (off Kershaw), Ransom walks to put men at 1st and second.  Then this happens.

Gomez Sac Bunt.  Weeks makes 3rd, Ransom out at 2nd, Gomez reaches. 1 out.

Maldonado Sac Bunt. Weeks scores, Gomez to 2nd. 2 outs.

Gallardo singles, Gomez Scores.

It’s worth looking at the rest of the inning.

Hart Singles, Yo to 3rd.

Aoki singles, Gallardo scores, Hart to 2nd.

Braun flies out.

So the BrewCrewBall recap (by Nicole Haase) of last night’s win caught my eye.  In the 7th:


“Aramis Ramirez and Jonathan Lucroy led off the inning with singles. They were moved up a base apiece on Travis Ishikawa’s sacrifice buntCarlos Gomez came to the plate bunting, but was hit by a pitch to load the bases with one out. Jean Segura beat out a double-play at first, scoring Ramirez. Taylor Green came in as a pinch hitter and hit a soft blooper into shallow center, scoring Lucroy. Topping off the inning was a dribbler by Aoki that got through the infield, scoring Gomez and that Aoki hustled into a double.”*

I will let all of you decide whether it’s better or worse to sacrifice to set up a sacrifice to set up Jean Segura versus a sacrifice to set up a sacrifice to set up Gallardo.

*Really knocked the crap out of the ball.  Quite the Willy Mays Hayes inning.

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