Bunting to Set Up the Pitcher


These things all happened in 2012.

July 25th v. Philadelphia, Brewers lose 7-6:

With no outs in the 2nd Ransom bunts Maldy to 2nd, Estrada strikes out; Gomez grounds out to end the inning. -7% WPA.

July 4th v. Marlins, Brewers lose 7-6:

With 1 out in the bottom of the 6th, Cesar Izturis bunts Kottaras to 2nd.  Wolf grounds out. Less than -1% WPA, but still stupid. The Brewers were up 5-1 at the time with less than a 5% chance of losing, but you know all about the bullpen.

May 30th v. Dodgers, Brewers win 6-3:

They won this game in spite of their own stupidity. Following a leadoff double by Weeks in the 6th (off Kershaw), Ransom walks to put men at 1st and second.  Then this happens. 

Gomez Sac Bunt.  Weeks makes 3rd, Ransom out at 2nd, Gomez reaches. 1 out.

Maldonado Sac Bunt. Weeks scores, Gomez to 2nd. 2 outs. 

Gallardo singles, Gomez Scores.

It’s worth looking at the rest of the inning.

Hart Singles, Yo to 3rd.

Aoki singles, Gallardo scores, Hart to 2nd.

Braun flies out.

So Gallardo completely bailed them out.  His single was worth 8% WPA with another 5% after that he made possible.  

August 1st v. Astros. Brewers win 13-4

 In the 2nd, Weeks hits a single and reaches 3rd on an error. Lucroy Grounds out and the run does not score.  Then, with Mike Fiers on deck, Cesar Izturis bunts into a double play, P – 2B, Weeks out at Hm, 2B-C.  Awesome.  Izturis’ failure cost -9% WPA.

August 10th v. Astros, Brewers lose 4-3.

 With Weeks on 3rd and 1 out and Rogers on deck in the 4th, Segura bunt pops into a DP.  -8% WPA.

June 7th v. the Cubs. Brewers win 4-3.

In the 5th inning with no outs and runners on 1st and 2nd, Maysonet bunts the runners over to 2nd and 3rd for Randy Wolf.  He lines out to 2nd, Aoki grounds out, none score. – 7% on Wolf’s failure. 

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