July 16th, 2012

A rundown:

11:00 AM – Team announces Tyler Thornburg will make his second career start in place of Zack Greinke, who’s being scratched from his scheduled start against STL on Wednesday.

11:15 AM – Doug Melvin tells Ken Rosenthal that “there’s nothing physically wrong with Greinke.”  Ok then.

12:00 PM – Ron Roenicke talks to Tom Haudricourt and gives a vague “we’ll have more details later” statement.

1:00 PM – Oh hey, turns out Greinke won’t pitch this weekend either.

12:00 PM to 4:00 PM – Head of Brewers PR Mike Vassallo tweets out information about Rickie Weeks’ streak of 6 consecutive games with an RBI (Summer of Rickie!) and Corey Hart’s epic 9 game hitting streak.

12:00 PM- 4:00 PM – Rumors all over the place!  At least we’ll figure out what the deal is, even if we have to wait all day.  Its not like these games are important or a Greinke injury has any effect on the end of the month trade market

4:30 – Your guess is as good as mine on this one.  Greinke isn’t physically hurt (per Melvin’s earlier comments), but he doesn’t feel right.  He says he can pitch.  Roenicke and Rick Kranitz don’t think he can really pitch.  Instead of having him throw a bullpen session or any side work on Wednesday to reevaluate this weekend, they’ll just go ahead and skip that start as well.  Roenicke admits he made a mistake starting him 2 days in a row.  I could go on but I still don’t really understand the actual reason.

“We tried to do something with Zack that I think Zack thought was kind of neat and we thought would work.”

And there we have a Roenicke quote that I will never forget.  This also marks the second time in 2 years where Kranitz and Roenicke had a decision to make on whether or not a starting pitcher was good to go, and just like Game 6 in the NLDS, they leave fans wanting a new method of deciding on a starter.

Greinke missing starts hurts even more since Shaun Marcum, who, after having pitch counts of 109-119-112-115 on consecutive outings, found himself injured as well.  It also means the two trade pieces the Brewers have are unavailable to pitch after decisions were made to alter their normal routine and/or pitch counts.

7:45 – As if finally sensing that the Greinke thing is sort of a big deal, Melvin takes to the airways to join Rock and BA.  He doesn’t really add much, but it’s nice to know the team is aware that having its only trade piece injured 2 weeks before the trading deadline matters.

10:15 – John Axford allows 2 walks, 3 hits, 2 warning track bombs and throws 36 PITCHES in a stomach punch loss.  Since Axford was asked to throw 4 straight games at the end of May, he has allowed 29 baserunners and six homers in 17 innings.

10:45 Ron Roenicke, who thought that having Axford throw his 36th pitch of the inning to get Allen Craig out was better than bringing in a fresh reliever, now has doubts that Axford can be the “closer” anymore.  I don’t know what that means.

11:00 Brewers PR man Mike Vassallo tweets out Mike Fiers’ stats from the game.

And there you have it.  What a day.

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