Errors, Retractions, Apologies and Omissions: April 7 Edition

Here at Ron Roenicke Stole My Baseball, we’re committed to the highest level of journalistic(ish) integrity. Accordingly, when we miss something, we’re duty-bound to correct it.

In the sixth inning of yesterday’s 11-5 Opening Day seal-clubbing at the hands of the Artists Formerly Known as the Uptight Citizens Brigade, with two on and none out and the pitcher’s spot up in the order, Brewers manager Ron Roenicke tabbed everyone’s favorite glass-batted backup infielder, Cesar Izturis, to hit for Manny Parra. Izturis’ Brewer debut was exceedingly short-lived, though, as the Cardinals brought in right-hander Mitchell Boggs and Runnin’ Ron responded by pinch-hitting Nyjer Morgan for Izturis.

The decision to pinch-hit Izturis in the first place was not only curious because Cesar’s lifetime OPS+ is 64 (and in his last full season — 2010 — was 51) but because Izturis is the Brewers’ only backup second baseman. And shortstop. And third baseman. And probably catcher.

This is exactly the kind of curious managing that we promised to document when we started RRSMB, and yet, we said nothing yesterday. We let you all down. We let ourselves down. We let our country down.

The editorial staff of RRSMB regrets the error and apologizes for this omission.

2 thoughts on “Errors, Retractions, Apologies and Omissions: April 7 Edition

  1. Apology accepted. As I was sitting in the stands, my mind wandered to this very blog the instant I heard “Cesar Izturis” announced. With two on, I thought, this would be the perfect place to pinch hit anyone not named “Izturis.” Like George Kottaras, for example, whom I was convinced would knock one out of the park. Mumbling aloud as I was, my prognosticative skills – which were no doubt enhanced by the overflowing glasses of whiskey imbibed earlier – were later rewarded with many a fist pump from my fellow spectators in the ninth inning. Anyway… where was I going with this? Oh, yes, Cesar Izturis. Good God.

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