Russell Branyan

RRSMB is now the proud sponsor of Russell Branyan’s Baseball Reference Page.  Russell Branyan: For when you absolutely, positively need someone to hit a baseball 500 feet.  

We were very sad to see Russell sign with the Yankees this morning, especially since some cheap left-handed power off the bench is just what the Brewers need.  Russ had a bad year last year and he’s getting up there.  It’s possible he’s declined too much to be useful.  Then again, he’s only a year removed from doing this to RHP over 322 PAs:

.254/.352/.522, 19 HRs.

The Brewers would not have made the playoffs in 2008 without 152 PAs of pure Branyan:

.250/.342/.583, 12 HRs.  

I have an irrational like of Three True Outcomes-types, and no one is more TTO than Russ.  Plus dude hits the ball a mile.

So here’s to Russ, and frankly I would rather see him at 1st over Gamel or Ishikawa any day.  

One thought on “Russell Branyan

  1. I would just like to say that a couple months ago, Russel’s nickname did not appear on his page. Several e-mails by one aghast fan led to the site including “Russel the Muscle” as an official nickname for Mr. Branyan. I am very proud.

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